Salsa !! (Friday Night Details, part 6)

This is the sixth in a series of posts that explain the details and the how and why we do Friday Nights. You can find links to all of the previous posts here.

The Salsa!

Some people…like me…think this might be one of the best parts of Friday Nights. Several months before we started this crazy endeavor, I came across this amazing salsa recipe. I tried it out with my cooking genius son Cale…we made some slight alterations and…Bam! We have some AMAZING salsa.


It’s to die for.

And when I make it super spicy…some people think they are going to die!

Anyway, sometimes it’s spicy, sometimes not. Regardless, it is awesome and worth coming to Friday Nights for.

After a long conversation one Friday night, we decided to do a salsa competition…something we’ll start doing every year in the summer. Everyone brought their own home made salsa to beat out everyone else. I good friend of mine who is a professional chef came to be the official salsa judge. He had never been to Friday Nights before so his opinion was not biased. It was really fun for him to describe what he tasted and also to give feedback to everyone on what he thought…his professional opinion on why it was good or bad and how it could be made better. It was tons of fun and one of our largest nights in attendance and most memorable.

Chips Salsa 1

Friday Nights is about community. Sharing what we have, what we know, and just living life together. But sharing homemade salsa makes it just that much better!