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My name is Nathan. You can call me Nate, or Nathan, or whatever you want….I’ve been called a lot of things in my life.  I like to write…sometimes about random things…but always about God, Jesus or the simple things that really matter. I have a gaggle of kids, a beautiful wife, live in California and dream about Russia.

7 thoughts on “About Nathan

  1. Hi, Nate.

    I am working on a story about Pawsitive Solutions. A Fresno family never received their service dog before the company dissolved. Now the company says it has no record of the more than $1,200 the family paid. If you have time, please email me or call 559-761-0215. Thanks so much.


  2. Nathan,

    Do you have the names of the actual dog trainers who trained the pawsitive dogs? I am having a current problem with a breeder/trainer out of red bluff who I think is affiliated with Pawsitive.

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